Another roller coaster of a day….

At some point today I received a text message from a neighbor with a request to light a luminary/candle at 7 pm to show support for healthcare workers. We all could you use a little light of hope right now so I sent it around to lots of neighbors and friends. My neighbors all participated and the lights down our street at 7pm filled me with gratitude and hope.

I also had an incredible experience with a stranger when I was at the end of my driveway lighting my lamps. A car stopped at the edge of my driveway and a woman rolled down her window. She was sobbing. She told me she lived alone and she felt like she was going crazy because she hadn’t spoken to anyone and she couldn’t visit anyone she knew because of the shelter in place quarantine. My initial reaction was to run to the other side of her car, reach through her window and hug her. Sadly I knew this wasn’t an option so instead I asked her for her name and just started talking. She apologized for crying and said “you probably think I really am crazy.” I told her there was no need for an apology and asked where she lived. We talked for quite awhile and then I asked her to write down my phone number. I told her to call me tomorrow. I hope she does.

I walked inside my house and cried. I then found find my family waiting for me to play a game. I’ve never been more grateful for them. The same 4 people and 2 dogs for whom I am currently: shopping, cooking 3 meals a day, washing dishes and washing clothes. The same 4 people and 2 dogs with whom I have recently been a tiny bit frustrated at their obliviousness to all those things I listed above. I am grateful that I have them waiting for me when I walk in the door.

I’m worried about people feeling isolated because of coronavirus restrictions. If you know someone feeling that way, I’m happy to call or write that person. Message or email me at I want to be a friend to those who are alone. We are all in this all together and we need to reach out to those who are isolated and lonely.